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In the heart of the sea!

Come and discover the treasures of the Musée de l’Amiral...

Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral
Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral


Over 12,000 shells from all over the world...

Musée de L'amiral

Step into the marvellous, magical world of shells.You’ll be dazzled by their colour, brilliance and intricately fine patterns...

Notice to collectors, aficionados, and simply curious... More than 12,000 specimens are on display: from our smallest shells with muted colours to warm water shells, much larger and much more colourful.
With our magnification system, enjoy a closer look at microscopic shells found in the sand. Once you leave the museum, you’ll never stroll on a beach in the same way!
There are microscopic shells, but there are also others so big that they can exceed 500 kg (Tridacna gigas, also known as “giant clams”, a highly protected species).

This museum is also the opportunity to discover curiosities such as “sweeper” shellfish that stick anything they find in the seabed onto their shells.
Love luxury? Admire pearl oysters and discover the secrets of their beauty...


Come and see over 200 birds at our seaside

Musée de L'amiral


Audierne Bay, one of Europe’s largest, annually “hosts” hundreds of species of birds. In this museum, they take centre stage. Our two exhibit rooms, the Marais and the Littoral, have been laid out and decorated to recreate the natural setting in which we can observe these birds. This collection is unique: more than half of the species displayed are protected by the Washington Convention, which dates back to 1975. 

The Musée de l’Amiral is also a unique opportunity to discover endangered species and to realise the urgency of protecting our environment.

Take part with interactive terminals.The terminals enable you to recognise the song of some one hundred birds, see them on the screen and, at the same time, a lamp indicates when they are present on the site. 
An educational adventure, a play and learn area that will delight juniors, seniors and in-betweeners.

Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral
Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral
Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral
Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral

Fossils and sharks

2,000 m² of grounds and continuously streamed films

Musée de L'amiral

The Musée de l’Amiral also means collections of fossil, corals, minerals, algae, shark and whale bone.

· Fossils: Many animal and plant species, now extinct, are known to us as only through petrified footprints, preserved in stone. These are fossils, the oldest of which date back to the very origins of life. Fossils (ammonites, sea urchins, trilobite, etc.) of exceptional in size are yours to discover in a lively display with lighting effects. An atmosphere you won’t want to miss!

 · Sharks: Did you know that the tsunami was in the news around Christmas 2004 did not leave only human victims? Countless shark also lost their lives in this terrible disaster. Tiger, Hammer, Bulldog, Lemon shark and more are on display in the museum.

· Whale bones: Unique, the ribs and vertebrae of an 18-foot whale washed up in 1980 are exhibited in the museum. Imagine the size!

· Minerals: Amateurs and collectors alike will be dazzled by the brilliance, shapes and colours of the specimens on display. 

. Corals: The museum aims to make the public aware of past abuses and future risks to our environment. The presence of coral in this museum bears witness to the threat of their disappearance in the coming years.

· Algae: A museum with a sea theme is obliged to talk about algae, used today in food, medicine and elsewhere. Interesting fact: Brittany is France’s leading producing region.

· Movies: 11 sea-theme films are shown throughout the visit: sea fishing, strolling, collecting algae...

 · Grounds: A visit to the museum gives you access to fully enclosed gardens stretching over 2,000 m² directly facing the sea. Play area for children, deck chairs, ducks on a pond: everything is here to enjoy a relaxing moment by the sea.

Practical Information

Musée de L'amiral
2017 Rates :

• Adult (13 and over) : €6 
• Children (5-12) : €3 
• Under 5 : free
Reduced rates (Cézam card, Gîtes de France, students…)

More than 15 paying adults: see group rate.


Groups :

• Adult (15 and over) : more than 15 paying adults, €5
• 2017 Group Rate : €5
• Free admission : 1 for 25 paying entrants.

Guided tours are available at no additional charge, with reservations. For more information, please contact us.
To facilitate the organisation of your visit, we offer packages: Museum's visit + lunch at the restaurant Breiz Armor. The curator of the museum is also the creator of this restaurant just 50m away. The restaurant dining rooms have a panoramic view of the sea.

For information, please contact :
Musée de l'Amiral on 02 98 51 52 52
Restaurant Breiz Armor on 20 98 51 52 53

Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral
Galerie Photo
Musée de L'amiral